Name Dimensions width x height Code Packaging
TI SK1 15×10 000050 50
TI SK2 17×10 000051 50
TI SK3 17×17 000052 35
TI SK4 25×25 000053 12


Product usage:
– leading and carrying cables for electrical installations on walls, drywall, wood, ie. plaster installations.

Physical characteristics:
– the material is PVC which is classified as self-extinguishing V0 according to UL94, made with a stabilizer without heavy metals, UV stabilized.
Color: white
Impact resistance: 0.5 J
Minimum temperature for installation and transport: + 5⁰C
Maximum temperature for application: + 60⁰C
Flame resistance: no flame spreading, self-extinguishing
According to the degree of protection from solid bodies: IP20
Rated voltage: U2500V (declared)
Isolation resistance: R≥1GΩ (declared)
Flammability: at T = 600⁰C non-flammable, glow wire test

For the self-adhesive cable tray, the self-adhesive tape of the manufacturers TESA and Den Braven is used.