Tehno-inde d.o.o. was founded in 1999 by merging two companies “Tehno Market”, Banja Luka and the Inde-invalidske delavice, Koper. In 2005 we bought the share of the ownership of the Inde-invalidske delavice, Koper and became 100% owners of the company.

During all these years, we have been striving to perfect our products in accordance to requirements and needs of our customers.

Today we have over two hundred different items in the product range, such as: ribbed tubes, cable trays, rigid tubes for electrical installations and accessories, flush-mounted distribution boxes, covers, clamps for cables and ties, plastic distribution cabinets, partial cabinets, accessories for metal distribution cabinets, extension cord reels, revision doors, etc.

We are particularly proud of the collecting system TISA 400, which has been tested and certified in an authorized laboratory.

In addition to our own production, we offer different items in our sales program: automatic fuses, cables, distribution boards for automatic fuses, switches and sockets, lighting program for business objects, LED lighting, etc.

We are ready and able to respond to all specific requirements of our customers in area of the production of items from electro-material program as well as other programs and activities.