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Cable supports


Suitable fo mounting single-and multiple-conductor low-medium- and high voltage cables
Temperature: -40°C-120°C
Standards: IEC 61914:2016

Name Cable Ø from/to Fastening Screw Cantilever strength
Cable supports 24-38 24/38 2xM10 10kN
Cable supports 35-54 35/54 2xM10 10kN


Cable supports2023-03-31T18:49:11+02:00

Floor drain

Code Name
000036 Floor drain D-110, vertical


Floor drain2023-03-31T18:35:32+02:00

Face shield

Name Code Packaging
Face shield 000316 10


Part Description Material
1 Head carrier Polypropylene random Copolymer SABIC PP QR6711K
  Mechanical properties: Stress at Yield 28 MPa
Strain at Yield 13 %
Flexural Modulus 1150 Mpa
Izod Impact Strenght notched, at 23ᴼC 56 J/m
Rockwell Hardness, R-Scale 85
  Thermal Properties: Vicat Softening Temperature 24 ᴼC
Heat Deflection Temperature at 455 KPa 71ᴼC
  Height: 235 mm
  Width: 240 mm
  Color: Transparent
  Input material: Virgin PET/ Polyethileneterephthalate
  Film thickness: 0,5 mm ± 3%
  Basis weigh: 670g/m ² ±4%
  Tensile strength: 17-45M/mm² ±5%
  Additional treatment: Antiblock-coating on silicon-based
  Microbiological Characteristics of reference: Law on Items in General Use (RS Official Gazette No50/2010, Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011
3 Elastic Band 18 mm Elastic Band 18mm art. 41228 (button hole elastic band)
  Composition: Polyester yarn 54%
Bare rubber thread 46%
  Width: 18 mm;±1 mm
  Washing: 60ᴼC
  Shrinkage: 1%


Download PowerPoint presentation here: https://www.tehno-inde.com/Presentation_face_shield.ppsx

Download Declaration of Conformity here: FS_declaration_of_conformity_EN.doc

Face shield2021-05-28T14:44:32+02:00

Profiles for wood drying


We have developed three types of H profiles for drying timber:

· 20×12
· 20×16
· 15×15

The length is determined by the customer according to their needs.

Profiles for wood drying2021-05-18T17:53:15+02:00

Led line lights


Characteristics of LED strip lighting

Ingress Protection Ratings IP20 and IP65

Supply voltage 12V DC and 24V DC

Wattage max. 20 W/m

LED lighting color temperatures:

– Warm White
– Daylight Glow
– Cool White

The length of the lamp is made on request, up to 5000 mm

Led line lights2021-05-20T11:41:09+02:00

Rectangle distribution boxes

Name Dimensions Code Packaging (piece)
TI RK6 100×100 000602 100
TI RK7 150×100 000605 80
TI RK14 145x190x75 000599 40
TI RK9 92x92x55 000571 150
TI RK10 118x96x50 000572 100
TI RK11 118x96x70 000573 60
TI RK12 152x98x70 000574 50
TI RK8 150x100x60 000610 75
TI RK13 200x150x65 000575 40
Rectangle distribution boxes2019-07-17T00:30:44+02:00

Round distribution boxes


Name Intersection (φ) x depth (mm) Code Packaging (piece)
TI RK1D60 60×40 000600 400
TI RK2D60 60×50 000597 400
Name Intersection (φ) x depth (mm) Code Packaging (piece)
TI RK3D60 60×50 000593 300
TI RK4D68 68×55 000603 200
Name Intersection (φ) x depth (mm) Code Packaging (piece)
TI RK4D78 78×40 000601 200
Name Intersection (φ) x depth (mm) Code Packaging (piece)
TI RK5D78 78×50 000604 230

Round distribution boxes2019-07-17T00:29:37+02:00

Potential equalization box


Intersection (φ) x depth (mm) Code Packaging
145x190x75 000598 45
Intersection (φ) x depth (mm) Code Packaging
150x100x60 000615 75

Potential equalization box2019-07-17T00:26:35+02:00

Box for measuring connection

Intersection (φ) x depth (mm) Code Packaging
145x190x75 000570 45
Box for measuring connection2019-07-17T00:24:48+02:00
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