Sasy busbar system


– In accordance with EN 61439-1:2011
– UV stabilized
– Without the presence of halogen elements
– Test with hot wire T≤550°C (non-flammable)
– Made for max. electricity of 630A and permanent nominal electricity of 400A and for copper busbars: 12×5, 20×5, 30×5 and/or 12×10, 20×10, 30x10mm
– The distance between the center lines of the busbar is 60mm
– Test voltage: Ui=15kV, t=60s
Temperature stability T≤120°C

Name Code Dimension
PE/N earth/neutral busbar support 000041 12×5


Name Code Dimensions
Busbar support 000042 12×5


Name Code
Power supply adapter with cover, up to 440A 000043


Name Code
Power supply adapter with cover, up to 315A 000044


Name Code
Cover for busbar support 000040


Name Code
Truss for the protective cover 000039


In accordance with EN61439-1:2011
Ui=15kV, t=60s, T≥90°C (non-flammable)

Name Code
Protective cover of the busbar system, 1m length 000038


Name Code
EN cover ≠ 5 000045
EN cover ≠ 10 000046