Weight capacity: A15 in accordance with EN 1433:2002

Code Name Height Width Length Weight unit Packaging
000011 Water drain (black/gray) 99.8 123.4 500 607 piece 32
000010 Channel grille 130×500 black/gray 32 122.5 500 617 piece 32
000009 Zinc grille 1000 mm 20 122.5 1000 1623 piece 10
000012 Plug for channel adapter (diameter 50/63/75)       65 piece 10


Usage: for the drainage of atmospheric waters at pedestrian crossings, bicycle trails, green areas, parks, gardens, city squares, parking for own vehicles, car accesses, swimming pools, dressing rooms, etc.

The drain is made of polyamide which gives it high resistance to high temperatures and thrust forces. The grids are made in two variants:
1. Plastic grid made of PA and
2. The grid made of galvanized steel sheets, 1.25 thick

The channel plug has holes (drains) to which pipe with diameter of 50/63/75 can be fitted. Also, depending on the need, the drain pipe connection can also be installed on the bottom side of the channel.

The drains can be easy attached to one another. It allows setting to the desired length. It is mounted on a straight line excavation in a ground, that is then concreted.

The opening in which the channel is laid must have enough space for the channel, drainage pipes, as well as for the concrete base (H) and the walls (S)
The measures to be followed are given in the table:

CLASS EN 1433   A15
Minimum height of concrete base (H) mm 100
Minimum thickness of the side wall (S) mm 100


It is necessary that the concrete base be slightly sloped to drain water. In the case of frequent transitions of freight vehicles, it is recommended that the concrete base be reinforced with the iron reinforcement net.

Prior to the filling of concrete, it is necessary to set up and connect all the channels to avoid the possible asymmetry of the drainage line.

The filling height of the concrete is determined according to the thickness of the final layer. It is necessary that the finishing layer be 3-5 mm higher than the height of the grid. Before filling the concrete, it is necessary to set the grids and fix the hooks to avoid deformation of the channel and the entire drainage line.